SakuraHeaven Online IRC Command List
5x EXP, 5x J-EXP, 4x drop
Advanced (transcendent) classes
Completely optional, but much appreciated!
Current Balance: $0.00

Q: What is SakuraHeaven?

A: Instead of typing some long story about it.... I give you...
Host: Private Server owner

Q: How can I play on this SakuraHeaven server?

A: First go to once you're there. Head over to the section called "Rules" and read over the "Terms of Service" make sure you completely agree to this. Then there is a nice section called "Sign Up" it gives you instructions on how to join. Once you recieve an e-mail telling you your account has been accepted go to the "Files" section of the site and download the Asgard client.

Q: How do I install all these files?

A: You must have WinRar or WinZip in order to extract these files, if you do not have either go to and to a search for "WinRar" and then follow the simple instructions to install that. Once you extract all the SakuraHeaven files into a folder of your choice, it should be straight forward after that.

Q: When I log in I can't move

A: This is completely a client side problem, there is no actual way to fix this except to wait it out. Usually takes from 5 minutes to 1 hour to fix on its own.

Q: Who is Edward_K, Nico_Yan, Realnamelessone, Wingdestiny

A: They are GOD! But seriously they are, they are the GMs or Game Masters of SakuraHeaven. They can do just about anything. Only 1 rule with them. 


Q: Will you make items?

A: What would keep you playing if we did?

Q: Why not?

A: Because I'm ebil.

Q: How do I register for an account?

A: In order to register for an account you may go to the registeration page to register currently we are registering accounts manually in mIRC.

Q: How do I go to this godly mIRC you speak of?

A: First you download mIRC and configure it to go to the server at port 6999 and enter channel #Sakuraheaven, but if this is too confusing for you to do so you may enter mIRC using the "CHAT" link on the main site

Q: What kind of events do you hold?

A: From town invasions to mini events, all of these events will be announced ahead of time.

Q: Will you edit my char?

A: The people at SakuraHeaven will not do anything to destroy your fun unless we have to. Either you play by the rules and a bug happens and we have to fix it or you break the rules and we delete your characters, erase items, etc.

Q: What is SakuraHeaven's account limit?

A: 2500. Plain and simple. But it may be changed if needed.

Q: How do I tame monsters?

A: For certain monsters, you use a certain taming item to tame them. For example, a poring would be tamed by using the Unripe Apple. Once you use the item a slot machine should come up you can either Fail or Succeed. Once you do it right you get an egg, which then you use an Egg Incubator to hatch it. After you have hatched it, right click and go to status. There you can name it, see if it is hungry, etc. 

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