Clients & Patches


Date Filename Size Seeds Clients Speed DL Xfer'd
2013-11-22 15:10RAGAD SETUP0927.exe1.42 MB000.00 B/s1,5112.19 GB
2013-06-13 05:50RAG SETUP0315.exe768.87 MB000.00 B/s2,9484.12 TB
2010-10-05 07:26RAG SETUP0221.exe1,023.20 MB000.00 B/s30,86947.23 TB
2009-06-08 19:33RAG SETUP0711.exe1.06 GB000.00 B/s319,387275.89 TB
2009-05-25 14:43RAG SETUP1010.exe1.06 GB000.00 B/s580,312431.03 TB
2009-05-11 03:30SAK SETUP1025.exe818.56 MB000.00 B/s44,36640.38 TB
2009-05-01 13:30RAG SETUP0927.exe971.64 MB000.00 B/s12,16123.69 TB
2009-04-23 14:06[Ragnarok Patches][Sakray] 2004-11-01 to 2004-12-0732.37 MB000.00 B/s18,065253.57 GB
2009-01-19 19:06SAK SETUP0221.exe856.65 MB000.00 B/s34,73535.38 TB
2007-11-25 13:56RAG SETUP0117.exe1,022.92 MB000.00 B/s58,86098.03 TB
2007-09-30 13:06RAG SETUP1025.exe971.70 MB000.00 B/s39,75355.49 TB
2006-11-06 00:13SAK SETUP0802.exe773.74 MB000.00 B/s15,14714.11 TB
2006-10-02 16:30RAG SETUP0628.exe915.06 MB000.00 B/s24,17436.88 TB
2006-10-02 16:13SAK SETUP0628.exe773.59 MB000.00 B/s19,41516.77 TB
2006-09-11 11:20RAG SETUP0830.exe920.75 MB000.00 B/s46,18362.46 TB
2006-08-26 04:13SAK SETUP1117.exe601.92 MB000.00 B/s1,7652.01 TB
2006-08-18 17:20RAG SETUP1117.exe744.20 MB000.00 B/s1,2775.13 TB
2006-03-31 05:06SAK SETUP1010.exe914.99 MB000.00 B/s624,301211.20 TB
2005-09-27 01:30SAK SETUP0711.exe914.94 MB000.00 B/s382,322224.87 TB
2005-08-27 03:16SAK SETUP0117.exe856.74 MB000.00 B/s54,20659.91 TB
2005-07-01 17:06SAK SETUP0530.exe899.47 MB000.00 B/s117,26277.37 TB
2005-06-26 17:40RAG SETUP1228.exe747.55 MB000.00 B/s18,83921.19 TB
2005-04-23 04:13SAK SETUP0425.exe859.45 MB000.00 B/s58,33741.39 TB
2005-04-23 03:56RAG SETUP0425.exe1,023.36 MB000.00 B/s58,97675.13 TB
2005-02-22 02:56RAG SETUP0530.exe1,023.59 MB000.00 B/s101,075114.90 TB
2005-02-15 14:00SAK SETUP0328.exe856.70 MB000.00 B/s57,19051.41 TB
2005-02-15 14:00RAG SETUP0328.exe1,023.48 MB000.00 B/s65,06791.27 TB
2004-03-24 09:03SAK SETUP0830.exe785.91 MB000.00 B/s37,85230.30 TB
2003-11-19 14:10SAK SETUP0927.exe818.39 MB000.00 B/s11,21015.28 TB
2003-09-22 22:26RAG SETUP0802.exe920.70 MB000.00 B/s18,94141.61 TB
2003-06-04 13:33RAG SETUP0329.exe853.04 MB000.00 B/s27,98137.41 TB
2003-04-25 14:40SAK SETUP0329.exe733.82 MB000.00 B/s27,27920.45 TB
2003-02-22 16:23SAK SETUP1228.exe616.94 MB000.00 B/s22,02617.53 TB
2003-01-27 07:03RAG SETUP1207.exe745.63 MB000.00 B/s6,7178.74 TB
2003-01-26 13:00SAK SETUP1207.exe607.80 MB000.00 B/s5,7675.46 TB
1982-03-26 21:10SAK SETUP0315.exe732.93 MB000.00 B/s3,0312.93 TB
1982-01-18 22:13[Ragnarok Patches][Main] 2004-06-01 to 2004-12-07169.05 MB000.00 B/s134428.96 GB
 Totals28.78 GB00 2,949,4412.24 PB

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October 18, 2006

Added 1010 clients
ClamAV 2006-10-18 AntiVirus check: Passed

CRC32: 02D2631F MD5: 5F9BBE9FD9FC584F25C67026546A885C
SHA-512: AF230314 8E133886 EBC0CC05 EC4A422F C105D606 30C58FF9 AB826D44 7E6DE6C1 EE6FBA70 2DED3B95 BC7CF291 4B4FF061 C977813F 4518BFC3 62F02566 2C539A7B

CRC32: 55897D0A MD5: 48CD0661CCBACAD1CFB6B69567CF51ED
SHA-512: 67CC91AD A7DA9CDD C649E0DC 4ED26CF5 24EFC92E 033AEC8B 3AC0B94F 0BCEDE37 9A7A2B37 1BB4576B DC2BCEE5 30AEB965 71B298AC 53E07208 7CD6A756 EE128FDA

July 18, 2006

Added 0711 clients
ClamAV 2006-07-18 AntiVirus check: Passed

CRC32: FF861821 MD5: C2D4D31FA370546AD176C42620386E7F
SHA-512: 4DC368CD BC964C56 6CDC665A 0D21ED39 E84A35DC CDC5EB7F 4D7049BC 19EE0D9F B7B4FDEF 7566145B 7DB6B019 490CB37F 6A14A019 78665817 49950FFE 7AA5E64F

CRC32: 6626378C MD5: EA7EE2F266DA1905E82689F7793467B2
SHA-512: 95C20353 425E6B16 CCB4C366 0EC2D164 BF70E8AA 0545178B CDEC565A 870FFE2D ADFA0754 13249690 1EB868CD 33215B71 CC4AAC06 E8140E86 DC17B401 232D357B

June 04, 2006

Added 0530 clients

CRC32: 1456E0A5 MD5: F864487BB917386358243085DFA1E61C
SHA-512: 84FBAD21 83DD4D2F 5B4AB95C 87E3396E 7C098F41 E6211861 F472AE34 6E9D61B5 F6D8D0C6 2BCE4361 CA07928A 0DDDF71E A023D097 AC41FD9A 9BB99997 9DDC974F

CRC32: 67BDA374 MD5: F3D3F33DAA81C1087F612876B9F4710F
SHA-512: DD232AB1 7C7BEE0F 57F17637 BFBC7D46 8E2EFDDD 7DDC404E 76F7CA2D 09861806 22788D3E E1AA7A32 2F093B4E 840BFE4F A494B40B 53EC0EDE FF004C49 0B23EEE6

May 01, 2006

Added 0425 clients

CRC32: 83D3B7E1 MD5: AEA9AF234977293C717B3266EC577958
SHA-512: 3361D9C9 CD44005A A4DEF7CA 5D12F47F 77115434 4DEF91EC B0D74698 370AD9FB 75E115D6 84FCBBAB 49A2640C 7F5200A8 5DA037AA 7B237E87 E0415E36 2DB57E78

CRC32: ED56B1F9 MD5: 75100E5ABC25E5660612BF74E9B98B45
SHA-512: CD74C41E CCA5420B 3F96EBCE 90D0F3B0 87824908 BCF93298 A37C7536 36B14DEE 7B55B51B 277859EF 77766A30 3420A832 A6CF7157 F0BA82C3 7397A461 A2701869

March 28, 2006

Added 0328 clients

CRC32: BAD81D8B MD5: 7949E8FD6E05278B442EDC53E0C5FBFA
SHA-512: E66760EF 2B601BEE 5C29B09E BBD59EF1 82C83E7D B7AAB9DF 1B6A16B1 7725AE87 5590361C DC8F8B10 8E667DDD 70CCAD27 C3271077 79632C23 F3A48AB7 E4928599

CRC32: E5F4652E MD5: 653E59A442AACB80060B495FD552700F
SHA-512: 18B574D2 CC59909C 285F852A 4B56AED0 DDDAB7E4 A4700A5A 7E3F00A4 6A3D180A AA13FFEE 34B488D5 F2A93928 D9EE1012 D315534E AA227456 A4563BBF 85E59C82

February 25, 2006

Added 0221 clients

CRC32: 23F21AFA MD5: 43C8718A11F5950FCD6F66902D277D06
SHA-512: AAF83EB5 CA7CDE83 DCB896C8 C57E6261 4C63A9B2 4D3F6BE6 80665644 478412C6 34AEC61F FBF705EF 62BFDD0C 6CC4AF5F 52624B7A A9BD6C46 B32350D3 688948B6

CRC32: 43C2745C MD5: AB546E0D4829958B53D4421D23AAEB30
SHA-512: 8E9E2161 B22DD884 9AE88DD6 1273A0CE AFDD2015 D0509B40 5EB37156 9AB230C7 F4B79CE7 6C885644 7BF95057 1A7992E7 D27607C7 41DF5C1E 43658ED0 8B677323

January 17, 2006

Added 0117 clients

CRC32: E292AED2 MD5: 4AC7D3F35EC22CD83DE425CAC0A32F60
SHA-512: 954B9B1B D5C2E5E4 D3130B6A 6FCE6CFB 3E4D00DB E7BA01CC 1144EEAC 9B781367 2788F125 94929C0D 9DA3649E AE39DE71 54094124 D80603A5 2711AF2A 0C02BCE7

CRC32: F5ABB718 MD5: 3E1174599279A3FCA924F3B5DA6FAA8A
SHA-512: 0B4713BF E37E9AF6 96B35194 C07CC0CC 047D7AE8 15D7B2D8 53533A8E 7F09D3D5 ACC092D0 853F4EC0 EDFFF72D 31E857C1 202E394F 86C14C8F F7D75768 E7B8A943

November 15, 2005

Added 1025 clients, a little late is better than never! :D

CRC32: 7D8BDCB4 MD5: 76388FCFA6A69482762F46FBDE310677
SHA-512: 8E004CEE 0CF7247C 517AAD33 4ACD306C F3A3B81E D8E7D6B0 4928AC8C 2FD95E3B 75A4B118 177FB027 4EB84614 2C03B8DD 473A0F72 E79A4722 D75AB280 9BC5F980

CRC32: 3E2FB8DB MD5: D587289EB529334473DA5028266E58BC
SHA-512: EEB8A529 CEE8C4A2 F6DF9F43 E9A3AF28 D065876B F74DC4E9 03EA548F 7AD53E2A 197DBA28 48175B02 08A89AF1 506AEBC4 878A2B7E 2D64808C 72257D5A 057F17B5

October 03 2005

Added 0927 clients

RAG_SETUP0927.exe CRC32: 0D5131CD MD5: 7626C6F2C58CB0D00999A7CA58E9EB1A
SAK_SETUP0927.exe CRC32: B3D2C972 MD5: 373E5A3E3879E7EFC06F88FD5525518F
RAGAD_SETUP0927.exe CRC32: 878FF764 MD5: 1CCB3A5D426FDB9BDB33725C4D7AB2F6

August 31 2005

Added 0830 clients

RAG_SETUP0830.exe CRC32: 3F8CE086 MD5: 99578C6421F3B8E4AE8F79A17D09223D
SAK_SETUP0830.exe CRC32: B4C6990B MD5: 7D0E8A83386A3C851E3499E132212915

August 04 2005

Added 0802 clients

RAG_SETUP0802.exe CRC32: 4F6C87D4 MD5: B0FFBE1BFEE132C6EE483DA554E25D83
SAK_SETUP0802.exe CRC32: A284A9AE MD5: A69E69835A39EF2F7A9486D7E277C13F

June 29 2005

Added 0628 clients

RAG_SETUP0628.exe CRC32: 4DD17F9F MD5: A25D564C7A915001AC39FBCAEE08817F
SAK_SETUP0628.exe CRC32: 449033BF MD5: F7F3E37300ABA2770050FF6028223A66

April 02 2005

Added 0329 clients

RAG_SETUP0329.exe CRC32: 0D64EF78 MD5: 087873EBF7E739B40365D86D33F38A27
SAK_SETUP0329.exe CRC32: A69BBBF8 MD5: 07546905EDF832D71BEF16AEBE29DD0E

March 16 2005

Added 0315 clients

RAG_SETUP0315.exe CRC32: 3AA4CB48 MD5: 7D1BFE2515DED68662D5AA9B6E599FBC
SAK_SETUP0315.exe CRC32: BAA02A86 MD5: D52DA0D39BC0A1B1FD54333CA315835F

Dec 29 2004

Added 1228 clients & patches

Other files

azndragon's Control Panel 4.3.4a MD5: 336913414D5C73BE7D8D0EC8351D6BAE SHA-1: 46480c724269ccc8163dcfc5705e3cde87389217 CRC32: D8890C8A
azndragon's Control Panel 4.3.3 MD5: 428F5F95F8F9935A94B69194F58D0C29 SHA-1: C1AA7BA1A3CCE4B65D3F1D5AD7DABACD4BA9DF68 CRC32: BA23C228 RagCam Source (Visual C++ 6.0) (2005-02-16 EF77496E) RSMImp Source (Visual C++ 6.0) (2005-02-16 F077B126)
Rome2-1.rar Rome 2.1
Rome211-Debug.rar Rome 2.11 debug version
Rome 2.1 File provided by ZombieBear (includes required DLLs) Rome 2.11
Aegis Skill Search 1.0
LowResInterServerFix.rar Low(er) resource interserver
LowResAccountServer.rar Low(er) resource account

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