SakuraHeaven Online IRC Command List
5x EXP, 5x J-EXP, 4x drop
Advanced (transcendent) classes
Completely optional, but much appreciated!
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You must agree to all the following terms and conditions before you enter the SakuraHeaven Online Game Server, as well in-game procedure policies to avoid being banned from SakuraHeaven Online. Once you've read this agreement in it's entirety, you may enter the game. You also must read the disclaimer located here.

Terms of Service ::
SakuraHeaven Online staff reserve the right to terminate your account and characters for any reason, at any time. Asking or begging for a game master position will result with an instant ban and account deletion. Not complying with the game masters of SakuraHeaven Online will result in the deletion and banning of your account indefinitely. You must acknowledge that SakuraHeaven Online is a completely free service, and does not make money. However, if you do wish to help pay for server, data line and energy costs, you may donate. Donations are not mandatory, but greatly appreciated. You will not register more than one account, if you are found doing so, you will be banned indefinitely and all your accounts will be deleted. You respect SakuraHeaven Online's right to provide an as is base of quality. We will try our best to satisfy our users but do not make any guarantees of reliability or quality of the game. Any other means of contacting the game masters about any problems besides email, forums or IRC is strictly prohibited. You acknowledge this agreement will change without prior notice. It is your responsibility to remain updated and comply with our terms of service.

Standard User Rules ::
The following rules govern all players of SakuraHeaven Online. Read them understand them and follow them. Breaking any rule will result in harsh consequences.

01. You may not harass, threaten or annoy any other player.
02. You will report all bugs or exploits immediately.
03. You will not ask game masters for items or zenny period.
04. You will respect the game masters.
05. You will not argue with or insult the game masters.
06. You will not impersonate any game master.
07. You will not create any character that bears an obcene word.
08. Botting and third party software is strictly prohibited on this server.
09. And above all else. You WILL enjoy SakuraHeaven Online.

Event Rules ::
The following rules will be enforced during events and competitions. Breaking any of these rules will result with exclusion from the event via account ban till event completion.

01. You will conduct yourself according to game master's instructions during the event.
02. You will not use excessive magic spells prior to event. No show boating please.

PVP Rules ::
The following rules are for PVP battle and will be strictly enforced by all GMs and Sub GMs. Breaking any of these rules will result in account banning. Repeated offenses will result in account termination.

01. You will conduct yourself with honor and respect others rights during PVP.
02. You will not attack another player with out issueing and recieving comformation for a duel.
03. During PVP events you are not allowed to avoid battle. Doing so will result in disqualification.
04. You will not use items such as potions or petfoods during any PVP events unless you are acknowledged and allowed to by the game master.

Logging into SakuraHeaven Online states you have read this entire text and agree to the stipulations dictated above.

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