SakuraHeaven Online IRC Command List
5x EXP, 5x J-EXP, 4x drop
Advanced (transcendent) classes
Completely optional, but much appreciated!
Current Balance: $0.00

Installing SakuraHeaven

1. Find where you saved the file and run it:

2. Click Next.

3. Click Next.

4. Select the same install location as the kRO/Sakray folder. It must be the same!

5. Click Next.

6. Click Next.

7. Click Install.

8. Grab a drink while it installs.

9. Click Next.

10. Click Finish.

11. Setup the game, most computers can run it at 1024x768 without a problem. Hit OK when you're done.

12. The automatic updater will run after. Let it finish.

13. Still working...

14. Still working...

15. If you get this, click OK and hit the ESC key when the new window appears.

You can restart the game from your Start Menu ->Programs->Sakura Heaven->Ragnarok

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